Vintegrity is a dynamic, progressive distributor of fine wines and spirits
in the state of Missouri.

Founded in 2008, the mission of Vintegrity is to be the best distributor of fine wine and craft spirits in the state of Missouri. Our solid relationships with top restaurants, hotels, quality retail stores and chains in the Missouri market have been a cornerstone of our success. With an emphasis on family owned estate wineries, and craft distillers our portfolio includes many of the finest wines and spirits from all over the world. Vintegrity has true statewide coverage with offices and warehouses in both Kansas City and St. Louis. From there we also service Springfield, Columbia, Joplin, Pineville, Lake of the Ozarks and Cape Girardeau.

We are a sales driven company and everything we do is tied directly to our relationships with our employees and our customers. Every employee of Vintegrity is important as they have the ability to positively affect sales every day. We are passionate about the wines and spirits we sell and are dedicated to the highest level of customer service. Vintegrity insures that our products will arrive efficiently to our customers in optimal condition through temperature controlled shipping and storage.

All of Vintegrity’s goals are accomplished with integrity to our employees, customers and the fantastic suppliers that we represent.

We truly enjoy bringing our customers the finest wines and spirits from around the world.

J.P. Gilmore and Sean Ball

Kansas City Office

St. Louis Office

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